D8 DISCOVER X-ray diffractometer


The D8 DISCOVER is the art of X-ray analysis.

D8 DISCOVER users promote innovation and science. Their work advances our fundamental understanding of materials, revealing their full potential for application in the world around us. To meet this challenge, the D8 DISCOVER combines a solid foundation with more than 190 high-precision components for limitless analytical flexibility. Whether it is a specialized analytical method or special sample handling requirements, every D8 DISCOVER can include customized hardware and software. With our extensive experience in developing analytical methods and tools, we create solutions that fit perfectly. Equipped with TWIN optics, the D8 DISCOVER delivers superior data quality for all types of samples - from powders to solids, coatings and liquids. The D8 DISCOVER brings additional measurements to complex material samples from research and development: TRIO and PATHFINDER Plus extend your analytical capabilities by providing high-resolution thin-film diffraction. The fully integrated EIGER2 detector offers almost limitless dynamic range and 2D measurements with exceptional resolution and field of view. From industrial mines and foundries to semiconductor and pharmaceutical production facilities, Bruker's customized solutions can be found in a wide variety of locations. While each D8 DISCOVER is built on the same proven platform, each is individually configured to meet your exact performance needs, geared to your applications and workflows.

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