D8 ADVANCE X-ray diffractometer


The D8 ADVANCE is the future-proof solution for X-ray diffraction.

    The D8 ADVANCE combines advanced technology with sophisticated ergonomics and maximum flexibility. It is a system that guarantees excellent quality results, the shortest possible measurement time, and the highest analytical performance. It is the most functional instrument for your analytical needs and ready for new challenges, whenever they arise. The D8 ADVANCE is a unique, modular system that integrates all parts of the beam path without any limitations. From the X-ray tube through the optics to the slides to the detectors; any user, even a novice, can go straight from one beam geometry to another or replace individual components. Regardless of the diversity of your applications, tasks and samples, analysis is very easy with our D8 ADVANCE. Thanks to its modularity you can always configure the D8 ADVANCE according to your analytical needs! The D8 ADVANCE comes with the largest portfolio of proprietary and third-party solutions covering a wide range of conditions for different sample types. The D8 ADVANCE is fully compliant with all applicable EU directives, thus setting and guaranteeing the highest global standards for analytical x-ray equipment, including x-ray safety, equipment safety, electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility.

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