S6 JAGUAR wave dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer


The S6 JAGUAR is a benchtop X-ray spectrometer with outstanding performance, impressive versatility and a small footprint.

    The S6 JAGUAR combines excellent analytical performance based on advanced technology, compact size and ease of use. It features a new compact goniometer, close-fitting optics, and a 400-watt direct-excitation source. The S6 JAGUAR offers excellent accuracy and reproducibility thanks to the all-new HighSense XE detector with its unique linearity range of up to 2 million pulses per second. Its measurement components are well
Our proven SampleCare technology guarantees the highest uptime and lowest cost of ownership, especially for liquid or powder samples. The main advantage of the sequential spectrometer is that each element is recorded with optimal measurement modes. And the S6 JAGUAR is an example of analytical flexibility: direct excitation at 400 W results in excellent and uncompromising sensitivity. All power is also available at 30 kV for light elements and 50 kV for heavy elements! The Easyload recognition function will prevent a liquid sample from being measured in a vacuum. In addition, the screen protects the X-ray tube when loading the sample. The vacuum shutter protects the measuring chamber with the goniometer from liquid and dust by separating it from the sample chamber. Additionally, the vacuum interrupter considerably reduces the helium consumption of the liquid sample. TouchControl™ makes operating the S6 JAGUAR spectrometer easy and straightforward. The TouchControl interface allows the user with little training for routine analysis.
The TouchControl interface makes it possible for the user with minimal training for routine analyses - without affecting configuration and calibration at the same time. And an external PC allows full control of the instrument remotely or via network. Easy operation is combined with optimum data protection.

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